How to keep ebony dolls from being ashy looking?

By u/BrixtonDD

Ginny is the complete package, and what a great morning we had! First we fooled

Bonus Doll Clothing and Cleaning Accessories

By u/United_Federations

Hi again friends! ☺👋I am back again with some new tips that should be helpful for

TnA_Tips - Brits new nips

By u/United_Federations

Here's process. Color fades with time / washing or stain removal cream.1. Wash / clean and dry the area (do not powder the nipples

How do the torsos hold up to nightly cuddling?

By u/United_Federations

So I've been thinking of buying a torso, on one hand for obvious sex reasons but I also really just want something to cuddle with and hold

Make up inventory list for Aurora project and "how to do".

By u/United_Federations

By u/United_FederationsDoll enthusiasts are always eager to share their endless and creative ideas on how to dress dolls in irresistibly enticing and stunning ways!

Make up inventory list for Candice project (fair skin) and "how to do". (Finally!)

By u/United_Federations

By u/United_FederationsFirst of all, this project was a learning experience for me and it went through several iterations. If interested in the complete journey, click

Rosie vs Louise

By u/United_Federations

By u/Zealousideal_Ad3834Hello, Lately I've been doing quite a research about tantaly dolls because I'm really, really

Daisy review - A lot of joy at the cost of some effort

By u/United_Federations

By u/DanielMark827If you've read the title, you might be thinking: "I get the 'joy' part, but what exactly does he

Just for fun: Mascot Tan Review by Vasid

By u/United_Federations

By u/Gemina_LunarianHello Tantaly, and Tantaly customers!It's been a little while since I posted, but I assure you

Diana comparison with others tantaly torso

By u/United_Federations

By u/Efficient-Ice-8813This enthusiastic Tantaly customer has provided reference information for other

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