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Tantaly Sex Doll Stories

Britney Story 1: Britney's first night with her neighbor

Britney is a 22-year-old college student who is about to graduate from Pratt College of Arts. From a designer's perspective and with a passion for life, she tells us some legendary sex stories...

Jennifer Story 1: Jennifer is in the AV 

She was wearing a knitted tube top dress, showing a large area of collarbone and beautiful shoulders, the slender legs in the black boots under the skirt, she looked very charming. 

Eva's Happy Time in The Bathtub

With the stroking of the body in the water, the swaying breasts floated up, and the blurred eyes produced a feeling of suffocation. When the feet were wrapped around...

Monica lives a life like anime

Under the gauze are a slim waist and slightly protruding abdomen, showing the proportion of ordinary people's dream body. This standard anime-style figure shows the temptation of cuteness.

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Join our distinguished Sex Expert, Helena Nista, Taylor Johnson, for a better and enjoyable sex life.

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